Joshua Freed


About Me


Joshua Freed is the CEO of Equity Capital Inc. He and his wife have five children and are dedicated to serving their local church and community. Mr. Freed is a resident of Florida. He has sat on a number of boards, including Protect a Child Today and Vital Solutions. He has been a real estate developer for 16 years and runs his business on foundational principles of serving others and producing high-quality homes.

Mr. Freed has instructed his children and continues to serve as a role model.

Joshua Freed with his wife

We Work For The People

He has gone to Kenya to assist give access to clean water and to the Philippines following a large disaster to construct homes.Mr. Freed enjoys fly fishing and drumming and is a member of the Rotary Club and Kiwanis. He has also studied these activities. 

Humanitarian Mr. Freed has a burning desire to help others.

CEO of Equity Capital Inc